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The Wedge Trucker features fun Boardshorts prints on the front panel with woven label patch.
Wrap Necklace Natural Stone -FoxBox2
Available for FoxBox (see information below)
Chums Adjustable Orbiter
An eyewear retainer with an edge, The Adjustable Orbiter takes the simplicity of The Orbiter and adds a double-adjustable bead. Made of lightweight stainless steel, The Adjustable Orbiter is sleek and durable. The Adjustable Orbiter features flat low-prof
Stay cool in this premium graphic trucker hat, which features a mesh back and an adjustable back snap closure.
Chums Eyewear Retainer Entrada woven
The Entrada Eyewear Retainer give you that rugged look with 2mm rope woven over a stainless steel structure. Its low-profile flat temples eliminate the pressure points on your head. The Adaptive temple design accommodates a wide variety of frames.
Wrist Wrap
Put your Chaco pride on display with our webbing Wrist Wrap, made from the same polyester jacquard straps as our Classic Z sandals. Just grip the webbing strap, wrap around your wrist, and pull through the buckle to tighten. Wrist Wraps come in a variety
Patagonia Atom Sling 8L
Our Atom Sling grips your back with the same tenacity as a climber latching onto a granite edge. It carries the fundamentals with all the comfort of a backpack, the convenience of a shoulder bag and the ergonomic, low-profile performance of a courier’s to
1" Webbing Belt
Featuring the same comfortable polyester jacquard webbings as our Classic Z sandals, the 1” Webbing Belt offers bright colors, bold patterns, and a secure fit. Belts come in one size and can be trimmed to fit. Assembled in the U.S.A.
Lum-Tec A16H Bull
The Lum-Tec Bull 45 High-End edition features a 45 mm 316L steel case. The bullhead design prevents the crown of pushers from poking into your wrist.

The dial features an instrument style layout. Protecting the dial is a thick sapphire crystal, with a
Burton Truckstop Neck Warmer
Burton Truckstop Neck Warmer
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